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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 31 March 2023

Ushering in Summer: Celebrating Guyu in 2023

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The 24 solar terms (二十四节气) of the Chinese lunar calendar denote the major astronomical events, with each occurrence spaced 15 degrees apart along an ecliptic longitude. These events were traditionally used to stay synchronised with any changes in the passing of seasons, observing changes in weather, temperature or other natural phenomena, which was crucial for the agrarian society of dynastic China. The 24 Solar Terms are still widely used today to guide agricultural activities, such as planting and harvesting, and to mark seasonal festivals and events.

The sixth solar term in the Chinese lunar calendar, Guyu (谷雨) marks the end of the spring season and ushers in the beginning of summer. This transitionary period is marked by steadily rising temperatures, increasingly strong sunlight and abundant seasonal rainfall.

As spring gives way to summer, Guyu’s characteristic rainfall heralded the commencement of the planting season. It was a period regarded with great urgency in the imperial court’s calendar, as its timely rainfall was crucial in producing the ideal environment for crops to begin growing — with the value ascribed to Guyu leading to the adage that “spring rain is valuable as oil” (春雨贵如油).

As agriculture was the economic backbone of dynastic China, a bountiful harvest established the legitimacy of an emperor’s reign, demonstrating their divine authority and mandate to rule. Paving the way to a bountiful harvest, Guyu’s arrival signals a season of abundance, prosperity and groundbreaking achievements.

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The close relationship between Guyu’s anticipated rainfall and the fortune of the empire only emphasises the importance of water in achieving success. In Imperial Feng Shui, the adage “Mountains govern benefactors, authority and harmony, while water governs wealth, opportunities and intuition.” (山管人丁,水管财) attests to the importance of water in the pursuit of abundance and prosperity.

The water stars — also known as wealth stars — play a prominent role in Imperial Feng Shui, governing an individual’s wealth prospects, opportunities and intuition. Emperor Qian Long’s reign during the Qing dynasty was an age of extensive and meticulous research and development into Imperial Feng Shui — with his council of Imperial Feng Shui masters working to unveil the influences that aspects of Imperial Feng Shui had on everyday life.

Through years of research, they had unveiled the significance of the water stars, and how Imperial Harvest-grade crystals could activate these auspicious stars within a piece of property. Demonstrating an astute understanding of such principles, Emperor Qian Long installed Imperial Harvest-grade crystals in auspicious locations around the imperial palace, in doing so, catalysing the prosperous growth of the Qing dynasty.

Today, Imperial Harvest adheres to the same Imperial Feng Shui principles that ushered in the golden age of the Qing dynasty. Taking a contemporary approach to these Imperial Feng Shui treasures, the installation of Imperial Harvest-grade Crystals within a home or office empowers the space’s occupants with boundless wealth and prosperity, equipping them with the strength to overcome adversities in their respective industries.

A Tibetan god of wealth and fortune, Zhambala is also a manifestation of Avalokitesvara — the embodiment of compassion known to many communities as Guan Yin. Seated atop a blossoming lotus, Zhambala is the essence of generosity, and protector from sickness and difficulties, bestowing upon individuals the wisdom in attaining their goals. As a wealth god, Zhambala grants financial stability and removes obstacles standing in the way of an individual’s success, leading them to windfalls, immense wealth luck and boundless prosperity.

One of the most prominent figures in Buddhism, Guan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy is held in high esteem by her adherents, who turn to her for her benevolence, guidance and wisdom. Embodying Guan Yin’s virtuous qualities, the Imperial Harvest Guan Yin crystal represents the abundant blessings, fortune, and wisdom she bestows upon its destined owner. A testament to Guan Yin’s strength, Imperial Harvest distils her wisdom and grace to inspire our blessed clients with abundant fortune and monumental breakthroughs.

Read more about Guan Yin here

Reflecting the enduring and perseverent nature of a climbing grapevine, this Imperial Harvest crystal is designed to empower its destined owner to seize windows of opportunity to advance in their aspirations. An auspicious sight bringing increasing channels of achievement and abundance, this Imperial Feng Shui treasure enhances the wealth prospects of its owner, allowing for a generations-long abundance of prosperity.

A creature associated with wealth and prosperity, the mystical Qilin (麒麟) is an iconic figure in Chinese mythology. According to folklore, the Qilin stands at the gates of heaven, the supreme guardian charged with its protection and fending off malevolent elements. The Qilin emanates a form of Qi called “Sheng Qi”, conferring upon adherents a multitude of opportunities to advance in their aspirations and achieve their goals. The auspicious nature of the Qilin inspires supreme luck, career progression and prosperity in its destined owner.

Today, the arrival of Guyu heralds an auspicious moment to sow the seeds of success for the future. Through impactful Imperial Feng Shui insights, Imperial Harvest aims to fuel and prepare our blessed clients to achieve greater heights of success in their personal and professional pursuits, creating the ideal environment for them to prosper for generations to come.

Imperial Harvest’s expert consultants are always on hand to guide you on your journey, and provide you with insights to help you realise your fullest potential. Book a complimentary consultation today or contact us at +65 91221826.

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