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Learn about the history and legacy of Imperial Feng Shui. Get to know the fundamental principles of this ancient art and gain insights into supercharging your success. Gain powerful benefactor support, achieve strong and consistent investment returns, foster your wealth prospects and maintain good relationships with your loved ones.

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Imperial Feng Shui EP1 – Changing Your Destiny

Watch this video as Master David explains the principles of Imperial Feng Shui and how it is utilised to shape life’s destiny.

Imperial Feng Shui Method to Activate Water Star

In this episode, Master David will reveal one of the most important time-tested solutions that can help activate the auspicious water star in our homes and offices.

Imperial Feng Shui: EP 2 – Pursuing Opportunities

For centuries, Classical Feng Shui has ingrained the idea that you should pursue your predestined paths based on your destiny chart. This concept of a predestined favourable path is archaic and obsolete.

Imperial Feng Shui: Ep 3 – Creating Your Financial Destiny

There are two types of wealth in the study of Bazi: direct wealth (正财) and indirect wealth (偏财).

An Important Secret in Imperial Feng Shui

In this episode, Master David will finally reveal the biggest secrets in the respected art of Imperial Feng Shui.

Emperor Qian Long, The Father of Imperial Feng Shui

Under the patronage and endorsement of Emperor Qian Long, the art of Imperial Feng Shui flourished during the Qing dynasty. Through this, he came to be known as the Father of Imperial Feng Shui.

Featured Collection

Featured Collection – Bliss of Harvest

Commemorating 600 years since the completion of the renowned Temple of Heaven in Beijing, Imperial Harvest is proud to present the newest generation of our iconic Bliss of Harvest collection, showcasing the highest levels of skill and craftsmanship.

Featured Collection – Qian Long Jadeite Mountain 2022

“山管人丁,水管财” — a well-cited principle in the study of Imperial Feng Shui proclaiming the importance of the mountain stars. Bearing witness to the innovation of the Qing Dynasty, the Imperial Harvest Qian Long Jadeite Mountain Collection pays tribute to the influence of auspicious mountain landforms.