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The Imperial Harvest Qinan Agarwood collection features five tiers of premium Qinan Agarwood, each incorporating auspicious emblems, enhancing its elegance and potent Imperial Feng Shui abilities. Supercharging its destined owners' direct wealth capacity, this treasure empowers them to rise to the top of their industries.

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Imperial Harvest 2021 Qinan Collection – Black Qinan

Black Qinan (黑奇楠) is a rare and exquisite Qinan known for its glistening obsidian-black colour. Its glimmering glamour resembles that of a starry night sky.

Imperial Harvest 2021 Qinan Collection – Green Qinan

Green Qinan (莺歌绿奇楠) is the second rarest qinan. With a fermentation period of no less than 2500 years, the Green Qinan is incredibly rare and replete with dense agarwood resin content. It is second only to the White Qinan Agarwood.

Imperial Harvest 2021 Qinan Collection – Purple Qinan

Purple Qinan (紫奇楠) is the third rarest Qinan, known for its rich reddish-brown agarwood colour. Its iconic resin is said to resemble a vibrant orchid in a splendid full bloom.

Imperial Harvest 2021 Qinan Collection – White Qinan

White Qinan (金丝白奇楠) is the rarest and most elusive tier of Qinan. With an aging and maturation period of 3000 years and above, the White Qinan is known as the King of Qinan.

Imperial Harvest 2021 Qinan Collection – Yellow Qinan

Yellow Qinan (黄奇楠) is an intricate treasure recognised by its warm yellowish-brown agarwood colour. It is most well-known for its medicinal properties and satin-like lustre.

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