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Taking its place just before the summer solstice is Mangzhong (芒种), the ninth of the 24 solar terms in the Chinese lunar calendar. The arrival of this auspicious solar term marks a crucial time of year to sow seeds of prosperity in preparation for future successes.

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Mangzhong 2021 – Home Collection (Summer Crystal Collection)

In today’s context, we can sow the metaphorical seeds of prosperity during Mangzhong. A season of hope, Mangzhong symbolises the dawn of immense growth.

Mangzhong 2021 – Personal Collection

The most Yang (阳) season in the eternal Yin-Yang (阴阳) cycle, summer is associated with passion, growth and brightness. The season harnesses an intense energy which fuels breakthroughs.

Master David’s Recommendations – Mangzhong

In ancient China, the solar term of Mangzhong saw farmers tirelessly working their lands in hopeful optimism for the blessed harvests due to arrive later in the year.

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