Series Category: Imperial White Inkstone

As one of the foremost activators of the authority star, Imperial Harvest’s collection of Imperial White Inkstones counteracts the ill effects of Sha Qi, and activates the authority sector within all properties. Today, Imperial White Inkstones remain one of the most versatile tools in the wide array of Imperial Feng Shui treasures.

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Imperial White Ink Stones – Royal Landscape Collection

Widely known to be the highest form of Chinese painting and the epitome of Imperial Feng Shui art, the landscape collection draws references from paintings of the legendary Chinese artist, Huang Binhong.

Imperial White Inkstone – River of Treasure

Since the Qing dynasty, the Imperial White Ink stone has been the preferred choice of Imperial Feng Shui treasure used to empower Chinese Emperors with grand benefactor support, authority and supreme wealth.

Imperial White Inkstone – Royal Panda Collection

In Imperial Feng Shui, the Panda is the emblem of abundance, prosperity and vitality, while bamboo symbolises consistent growth and progression.

Imperial Harvest Prestige: Imperial White Inkstone

The brand-new gallery sets out to showcase a curated selection of Imperial Feng Shui treasure which displays the most exquisite and artisanal craftsmanship.

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Imperial White Inkstone