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The Imperial Feng Shui Audit Process

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We spend the majority of our time at home and work. The energy in these spaces has a direct correlation with our wealth, health and relationships.

Living and working in an environment with optimal Feng Shui can empower us to achieve peak performance in our career, business and investments, enabling us to achieve breakthroughs and stupendous success. While the opposite can result in dire consequences that may often seem random and unexplainable on the surface.

For example, the experience of getting into conflicts with your colleagues or deteriorating relationships with your loved-ones after moving into a new home or office is one of the red flags you should look out for.

Thankfully, such tricky situations can be remedied with the expert guidance of an experienced Feng Shui Master who is able to identify the root of the problem and provide actionable solutions.

Whether you are a first-time homeowner or have been living in the same house for years, it is essential to have your Feng Shui reviewed annually by a professional.

In this article, we will be sharing the 3 steps that are involved in an Imperial Feng Shui audit.

Step 1: Landform assessment based on Imperial Feng Shui principles

Photo of Master David conducting a bespoke landform assessment of a Good Class Bungalow

External landforms within the nearby vicinities govern how the macro energies from the environment influence the wealth, health, relationship of the occupants within the building.

Understanding these landforms allows us to identify the root of the problems the occupants are facing and provide bespoke Imperial Feng Shui solutions.

Assessment of external landforms comprises of the following: 

  • Height and shape of surrounding buildings relative to the residential or commercial property.
  • The direction of surrounding roads, and the velocity and volume of traffic
  • Identification of flat land dragon by assessing surrounding terrain and topography
  • Identification and analysis of entrance of Qi with respect to the residential or commercial property.
  • Auspicious landform features and inauspicious landform features
  • Assess the volume, brightness and auspiciousness of Red Phoenix (front of the residential or commercial property.)
  • Assess the quality of support and auspiciousness of Green Dragon (left of residential or commercial property.)
  • Assess the quality of support and auspiciousness of White Tiger (right of residential or commercial property.)
  • Assess the quality of support and auspiciousness of Black Turtle (back of the residential or commercial property.)

In this comprehensive assessment of the external landforms, Master David will  share the prediction of past events and analysis of the Feng Shui.

Step 2: Analysing and plotting the energy map of the house or shop

Photo of Master David conducting a bespoke measure of IWC Schaffhausen ION main entrance

After addressing the external landform factors, Master David will analyse the energy map of the house, and how Qi flows within the spaces.


It comprises of assessing the facing direction, building intention and the layout.

The facing direction is determined by administering measurements from the main door using the Luo Pan (professional and precise Feng Shui compass).

Based on Imperial Feng Shui principles, the authentic method to determine the facing direction of the building is to measure the direction of the main door by tucking the Luo Pan against the main door. This is the only method that produces a consistent and correct measurement of the building’s facing direction.

Based on the year of completion and move-in date, Master David will determine the period of the house and plot the San Yuan Flying Star chart.

The extreme dedication to detail and precision is why many clients are able to achieve phenomenal results after implementing Imperial Harvest’s Imperial Feng Shui remedies.

Analysis of the San Yuan Flying Star Chart comprises:

  • Analysis of the main door’s energy influence with respect to the various rooms
  • Analysis of individual room door’s energy influence on individual occupant
  • Analysis of stove position and influence of occupants’ health
  • Analysis of study table position and influence on academic / work performance
  • Analysis of bed position and influence on occupant’s wealth, health and relationship
  • Analysis of altar table and influence on overall family’s prosperity
  • Mapping landform features surrounding the house with respect to the San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Star

Step 3: Mapping the Bazi chart of the occupants to the Landform Analysis and San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Star chart

Master David sharing with the senior management of IWC Schaffhausen the detailed Bazi insights of his assessment

Our destiny (Bazi) chart contains our blueprint for activating and maximising our wealth and prosperity. Every Bazi chart contains its innate unique set of favourable elements, auspicious colours as well as their individual luck patterns.

A good house’s Feng Shui has to be compatible with the owner’s Bazi chart.

By analysing the Bazi chart of the occupants within the house or office, Master David will share his insights on the compatible elements and colours for each occupant and the hidden auspicious and inauspicious areas of the house.

Within each step of the Feng Shui audit, there are many different steps involved to calibrate the Feng Shui to a very precise level.

This is on top of the trinity date selection (Vedic Astrology, San Yuan Qi Men Dun Jia and Auspicious Bazi favourable element) that Master David deploys for activation of wealth and luck.

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