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Join Master David as he shares his Imperial Feng Shui knowledge and insight — covering auspicious occasions throughout the year, the latest collections at Imperial Harvest, and other seasonal favourites.

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Master David Recommendations: 2021 Autumn Exclusive Qian Long Jadeite Mountain

Traditionally perceived as the most supreme Yang day of the year, Chong Yang bears witness to great historical and cultural milestones in Chinese history.

Master David Recommendations: 2022 Imperial Harvest Qian Long Jadeite Mountains

In line with the upcoming arrival of the Chong Yang Festival, Master David is proud to unveil the latest in the Imperial Harvest Qian Long Jadeite Mountain collection.

Master David Recommendations: Imperial White Inkstone (Royal Emblem) and Qian Long Wishing Stones

Imperial Harvest is honoured to present the Royal Emblem - a brand new collection of Imperial White Inkstones and the Qian Long Wishing Stone Collection.

Master David Recommendations: Bliss of Harvest & Winter Solstice

Master David shares with us the spark behind Imperial’s Harvest signature and most iconic collection — the Bliss of Harvest collection

Master David’s Recommendations – Mangzhong

In ancient China, the solar term of Mangzhong saw farmers tirelessly working their lands in hopeful optimism for the blessed harvests due to arrive later in the year.

Master David Recommendations: Lidong – Eight Zodiac Guardians

Master David shares the winter’s significance from the perspective of Imperial Feng Shui and the design journey behind the collection of the season – Imperial Harvest Eight Zodiac Guardian.

Master David’s Recommendations: 2022 Guyu (谷雨)

As Spring comes to an end in the Chinese lunar calendar, it ushers in its last solar term. This period is referred to as Guyu (谷雨), or “grain rain”, is most well known for the torrential rainfall that accompanies it.

Master David’s Recommendations: 2022 Spring Equinox

This year, the Spring Equinox falls on 20 March, marking a day of great cultural significance in the Chinese lunar calendar.

Master David’s Recommendations: Spring 2022 Collection

In this episode, Master David is honoured to welcome the new year with the Imperial Harvest family, and introduces the three direct wealth gods of Imperial Harvest’s Five Wealth Gods collection.

Master David’s Recommendations – Summer, Season of Direct Wealth

This upcoming solar term marks the beginning of the season of summer in the Chinese lunar calendar, and brings with it a season of abundance, auspiciousness and achievement.

Featured Collection

Imperial Harvest Qian Long Jadeite Mountain

Bearing witness to the ingenuity of Emperor Qian Long and his Imperial Feng Shui masters, the Qian […]

Featured Collection – Eight Zodiac Guardians

The Eight Zodiac Guardians are protectors of the twelve zodiac signs. Each Zodiac Guardian governs the careers, […]