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Based on Imperial Feng Shui principles, Imperial Harvest crystals play a vital role in adjusting and enhancing the energies of your homes and offices. They are employed to activate the wealth stars, empowering their destined owner with an abundance of opportunities, wealth and prosperity.

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Imperial Harvest Crystal Collection – Bamboo of Successive Blossoms

The Water Star is present in our living and working environments, and plays a pivotal role in governing wealth, opportunities and intuition.

Imperial Harvest Crystal Collection – Legendary Creatures

The Imperial Harvest Crystal collection is impeccably designed to activate the auspicious water stars.

Imperial Harvest Crystal Collection: Legendary Creatures – Golden Toad

Inspired by the myth of Liu Haichan, an erudite Daoist immortal whose animal companion is known to be the Golden Toad, this collection pays tribute to the Han people’s legendary animal.

Imperial Harvest Crystal Collection: Legendary Creatures – Pixiu

Legend has it that the Pixiu is fond of water, gold, silver, and jewels. For this very reason, it is revered as the heavenly variation of a powerful and auspicious creature of good fortune.

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Imperial Harvest Crystal Collection