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An Introduction to Lixia (立夏)

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Signifying the passing of spring, the arrival of Lixia (立夏) denotes the advent of the summer season in traditional Chinese culture. It is the seventh out of the 24 solar terms that constitute the Chinese lunar calendar, and marks the period when the sun falls between the celestial longitudes of 45° and 60°. This year, Lixia will span between 5 May and 21 May.

In many parts of the northern hemisphere, Lixia brings a characteristic rise in temperatures, as well as a remarkable increase in rainfall and thunderstorms. These environmental changes and weather conditions proved highly favourable for crop growth, bringing them into their peak season of growth.

Imperial Traditions of Lixia

Given the centrality of agriculture in ancient Chinese societies, Lixia has long since enjoyed illustrious importance in Chinese culture, particularly amongst rural farming communities. Around this period, farmers focused their attention on their agricultural endeavours as they stepped into their busiest season, additionally symbolising Lixia with the dawn of immense growth and new beginnings.

These farming communities highly anticipated the weather changes that Lixia brought, marking a period of festivity and lending to Lixia’s regard as a period of great importance that was analogous to abundance, auspiciousness and achievement.

Behind the gates of the Imperial Palace, the arrival of summer was seen with equal anticipation. Historically, Lixia held great cultural significance from as early as the Zhou dynasty (from 1046 to 256 B.C.). To greet the beginning of the season, it was tradition for Chinese emperors to don red ceremonial robes — an auspicious colour in hope of an auspicious harvest — and lead their court to welcome the beginning of a new season. With great emphasis on agricultural activities at this time, the emperor would honour the efforts of the farmers in ensuring the continued prosperity of the empire, praying for good fortune and favourable weather conditions.

Summer and Major Yang 

According to Imperial Feng Shui principles, four phenomena comprise the contrasting, yet complimentary universal forces of yin and yang. These same principles declare that the season of summer is closely associated with the major yang, which governs an individual’s direct wealth capacity (正财库).

Direct wealth capacity refers to the income potential that is derived from regular sources of income, such as career progression, business dealings and sales. For example, if you happen to be a full-time trader, trading is deemed as your direct source of wealth.

Agarwood Collections

Native to the lush forests of Southeast Asia, Agarwood refers to the rich, dark resin that forms in the Aquilaria tree after its exposure to a specific type of mould. This process brings about one of the most sought-after treasures worldwide, coveted not only for its exquisite fragrance and elegant appearance but also for its inherent Imperial Feng Shui properties.

During the Qing dynasty, the Imperial Feng Shui masters serving in Emperor Qian Long’s imperial court went through years of meticulous research and development, eventually unveiling the role of Imperial Harvest-grade Agarwood in maintaining an optimal balance of an individual’s major yang. Today, Imperial Harvest holds to these seminal findings and harnesses Agarwood’s intense properties to boost the direct wealth capacities of our esteemed clients.

Imperial Harvest-grade Agarwood has since been harnessed by countless clients, drawing from its positive influence on direct wealth capacity. Imperial Harvest’s Agarwood collections inspire monumental growths in the career and business pursuits of its destined owners, multiplying their income several-fold. Harnessing its effects gains tremendous support from powerful benefactors and mentors, working to secure lucrative, high-growth opportunities.

Exquisite Jadeites

Traditionally the gemstone of choice in ancient China, jadeite’s allure has played a consequential role in China’s dynastic history. Prized in circles of high nobility and reflective of its exalted status, jadeite treasures adorned Chinese royalty and members of the ruling elite. During the Qing dynasty, Emperor Qian Long amassed a magnificent collection of rare Exquisite Jadeite treasures during his prosperous reign.

Imperial Harvest’s Exquisite Jadeite collections consist of only the finest Grade-A jadeites sourced from reputable mines in Myanmar. Its distinction lies within the raw boulders of jadeite itself, with each of Imperial Harvest’s Exquisite Jadeite treasures being hewn from the cores of these large jadeite boulders where its Imperial Feng Shui energies are most condensed and intense.

This natural exclusivity denotes that Imperial Harvest’s Exquisite Jadeite collections feature unique and one-of-a-kind works. Their detailed design elements are masterfully captured by our master artisans, who wield a wealth of multi-generational expertise in their craft. Melding time-honoured techniques with the introduction of cutting-edge technology, our Exquisite Jadeite treasures boast a most luminous, illustrious and vibrant sheen — achieving Master David’s inspired vision for contemporary jadeite treasures.



Widely regarded as a creature bringing prosperity, the Pixiu of legend maintained a voracious appetite for wealth, gold and riches — storing this limitless collection within its body. As such, the Pixiu came to be known as an auspicious symbol that attracted wealth and simultaneously prevented an inauspicious outflow of it.

Created in the image of the mythical Pixiu, the Imperial Harvest Exquisite Jadeite Pixiu draws from its ability to accumulate wealth from all directions, aiding its destined owners in building their wealth and resources from both direct and indirect sources of income.

Golden Toad

According to Chinese mythology, the Golden Toad, also known as the money toad (金蟾), is an auspicious symbol of prosperity known to enhance an individual’s wealth luck. Ushering in an abundance of wealth and abundance, the Golden Toad stands as a prominent symbol of prosperity in Chinese culture.

The Golden Toad simultaneously attracts wealth while also protecting your existing assets from potential misfortunes, bringing a constant flow of wealth and opportunities. Captured in jadeite alongside the Golden Toad is a lotus, additionally bestowing its destined owner with a powerful intuitive sense, inspiring triumph over one’s obstacles.


A creature of immense significance in Chinese culture, the legendary Dragon is highly revered as a most auspicious emblem of wealth and authority. The Dragon is known to emit powerful auspicious energies, and is commonly invoked to bestow a spirit of personal growth, good fortune, wisdom and foresight upon individuals.

In doing so, the Dragon inspires its destined owners to usher in prosperity and strategic opportunities, enabling them to soar to greater heights in their pursuits.

Imperial Harvest Welcomes Lixia

The prosperous solar term of Lixia heralds a season exemplified by abundance and remarkable achievements. The arrival of summer brings with it a time of auspicious blessings, along with direct wealth expansion.

Our expert consultants are on hand to help you leverage the season of Guyu, guiding you to attain greater heights of prosperity during this auspicious term. Book a complimentary consultation today or contact us at +65 91221826

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